hey people!

i have to say i'm very happy about the comments i've been getting recently. i wondered if anybody was going to find this site even let alone care enough to say hey.

let me take this opportunity to apologize for my lack of speed with the rest of the bikes. i know there's a long way to go yet, and i'll get to the rest soon.

as soon as i find the CD-R with the rest of the pics and descriptions!

thanks again!



homersimpson said...

hi 80 iam looking for the name of the bikestore on whiyte ave they usto make hand biult frames in there store i useto live out there born and rased now iam in the crap bowl thew ball ontario iam looking for that bike shop becouse i want one of there frames thanks chad graetly appretated. cldes@hotmail.com

80 said...

They were called Hardcore Mountain bike store, and the bikes you speak of were built by Jim Moulden. He stopped making frames quite some time ago, and finding one nowadays is a major accomplishment.