Foes Fabrication started back in 1993 I think. They started with a monocoque swingarm full suspension frame. And Foes pushed the envelope of rear wheel travel, with the 6 inch travel Weasel at a time when the Rock Shox Judy DH with 3 inches was considered a downhill fork.

Zig Zag - I sure hope this slalom-specific frame rips the rider down the hill fast, because you wouldn't want the crowd noticing that this is one of the ugliest bikes ever.

FXC - Foes' answer to the Intense Tracer, and all the other XC oriented, longish travel bikes. And you don't see too many bikes set up this nice - RaceFace cranks and stem, Marzocchi fork - very nice.

LTS - I'm pretty sure Foes had the name "LTS" before GT, but I don't really know. Now that forks have caught up with long travel frame, anybody with one of these has a pretty decent DH bike. No disc tabs though...

- The S stands for "Slammer." It looks very complicated to me, but I guess that's what you have to do to get the center of gravity down on a long travel bike. Consider the Rocky Mountain RM-9, which has the same wheel travel.

LTS - Another example of someone trying to keep an old FS frame going with a new fork. It might work, but this frame was designed back when 3 inches was as long as forks got...

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