Gary Fisher quite often gets credit for inventing mountain bikes. Which probably isn't true. But I'm not about to get into that - because I really don't care. Anyway, Gary made some of the best-handling bikes of the early 90's. Then around 1994, He was bought up by Trek. I'm not sure if they still have the same reputation because they've been so ugly I wouldn't be caught dead riding one. They are getting better though. [edit] Now Gary seems to get the credit for inventing 29ers. Which also probably isn't true, but whatever.

Advance - How much do people like their Fishers? Well this is the only pre-Trek bike I've ever seen for sale on MTBR or eBay, so I'd say a lot. I used to own this very same bike, and it was really good for a $600 bike.

** TeamCow Joke Bike **
Supercaliber - Being an oldtimer - when I hear the name Supercaliber, I think huge, double-butted aluminum tubes, team colors (yellow, orange, and black), and lightweight SunTour components.

What I don't think of - is a Trek OCLV.

I miss the good old days. This bike just looks wrong. [edit] The TeamCow jokebike is a bike so ... wrong, that it begs to be cut up by me.

Supercaliber - The '01 Supercal is a major improvement. The colors are back, as is the frame material. And while the graphics are way better, I believe there's still a way to go.

Procaliber - I think this bike was from just before Trek took over. It's Funny that a guy as bizarre as Gary is with his personal appearance, would have such unobtrusive graphics on one of his bikes.

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