Fisher pt. 2

Sugar - This is the (supposedly) revolutionary Sugar. You may not know this, but this bike saved your life. It saved you from the tyranny of the "Freeride" bike, circa 1998.

Short travel, not too active (the racers wouldn't have it any other way), and light-weight. It's exactly the bike you've been waiting for. Or already have, if you ride a Specialized FSR XC...

** TeamCow Joke Bike **
Joshua - The only good thing I see here are the pedals. Pretty sad really.

How do you get this heap up a hill anyway?

** TeamCow Joke Bike **
Joshua - Dude - check out that Buffy poster!


Supercaliber - This is another of the Trek OCLV framed Fishers. It's a good thing that they finally got Fisher their own identity, because this was like the Cadillac Cimarron of mountain bikes.

HKII - Only the second old Fisher I've ever seen sold on the internet. Either guys that own old Fishers never sell them, or they just hand them down. Or maybe they've never heard of Ebay...

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Dan said...

Hey, that's my bike... It actually didnt sell on the internet. I pulled the ad and decided to keep it as a backup bike. It is back on eBay and will actually be sold this time!!! Fisher HK-II on eBay ends Sep-18-08 19:15:00 PDT