Fat City Cycles pt. 2

Fat Chance - I love those old skool bikes... This 1988 model Fat seems to be totally stock. I guess Fat wins the "Bike Most Likely to Never be Upgraded" award.

Buck Shaver - There's a lot of cool things on this bike : Marzocchi Atom Bomb, old-skool SunTour Micro-Drive cranks (they invented compact cranks by the way), Syncros Ti seatpost, carbon barends, twisted-spoke wheels, and of course, that paint job.

Fat Chance - I'm not sure which model this is - but it is ultra-retro. Chainstay brakes, Rock Shox Judy DH forks, cantilever brakes, and old style Cook Bros. parts. Pretty nice bike...

Fat Chance - another cool, old Fat Chance. This one notable for the Scott AT-3 handlebars that were all the rage for about 12 minutes in 1992. I have a friend that cut them off and made a good commuter bike with them - about all they're good for I'd say.


Horses said...

Wow, I completely forgotten aboout those silly blonde Smoke/Dart tyres. That stem is whack!

80 said...

Cook Bros i believe.

i saw one sell on ebay recently for $800 if you can believe that nonsense!