Fat City Cycles

Fat City Cycles are the quintessential east coast bike. They've been around in one form or another since 1986, or earlier, and still make some pretty decent steel bikes.

Yo Eddy - Totally a race bike - SID, long, flat stem, flat bar - all for racin'.

Yo Eddy - Another bike with an inverted Halson PDS fork - what are the odds? Take note of the Avid Arch Supremes on this bike - TeamCow's favorite rim brakes.

Yo Eddy - Another serious XC bike with an upside down Kore stem. Gotta keep that front end down. Get down! You know, I've always wondered who Eddy was...

Wicked Fat Chance - This bike is really nice. An all original Wicked Fat, with SunTour stuff, Manitou forks, and a Salsa stem. And check out that frame; is there anybody who makes a frame with a top tube parallel to the ground anymore?

Hats off for maintaining this old beauty...

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