ebay finds

there's always cool vintage action on ebay, but i found a really good one today;

a Porsche Bike S. these were made by Votec, and were showcases for top-line Euro components of the time. Sachs derailleurs, cranks, and hubs, Magura hydraulic brakes, and a crazy Votec double-crown fork.

this ad caught my eye because it that first image reminded my of the only time i ever saw one in the wild. rolling down Whyte ave was this woman in a pretty sun dress, matching blue deck shoes, and i think a basket, on her $4000 Porsche mountain bike.

anyway, i'll be very interested to see what this ends up going for. it appears to be in fantastic condition - and the seller's assertion that it's never been off-road definitely looks true.


buzzfool said...

More posts 80.

We gotta get this TeamCow thing rolling again.

It's gotten me jazzed to ride again.


80 said...

funny you should mention that - i decided this week i'm going to get after this blogging business. i'll start with fridays, and then try for twice a week. go me!