Jamis has been making bikes since way back in the 80's. They make some really nice looking bikes, and I like that they make a 4 inch travel bike with a coil spring. A rare thing nowadays.

Komodo - Jamis makes some of my favorite, non-Canadian, mass-produced bikes. Actually, Jamis, Giant, and Specialized are about the only ones I like. Anyway, we've got an excellent hardtail here - good fork, beefy-looking aluminum frame, and a cool color.

Dakar - OK, this bike is pretty loud - but I still like it. It's a trail bike - 4 inches of rear wheel travel with a coil shock - I like that.

Diablo - As I have recently come to realize, bikes with 4 inches wheel travel at both ends and hydraulic disc brakes are really fantastic. I think it would be fair to assume this carbon Diablo weighs less than my FSR, but it's pretty hard to keep a bike like this light.

Diablo - The carbon Diablo. Pretty cool, hidden shock, out there design. The best thing about this bike though - when they advertised it in MBA, editor Richard Cunningham had to censor out everywhere it said "Diablo". That's one step away from book burning Richard...

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