Karpiel makes some seriously sick DH bikes. And apart from Bender riding them, I don't really know much else.

Armageddon - This is a pretty puny pic, but the Armageddon is kinda rare, so...

Disco Volante - Yet another DH bike. This Karpiel Disco Volante looks so heavy, doesn't it? Are those Magura Gustav brakes?

Disco Volante - Funny how a bike as beefy as the Disco Volante makes the Manitou XVert Ti look kinda wimpy.

VRS - This was the Karpiel's first effort. As far as I know anyway. I believe the rear suspension worked something like the GT RTS bikes, but I can't see it, nor can I really remember how it works - so you'll have to take my word for it.

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