KHS is one of those manufacturing giants that used to make bikes for everybody else, but now their selling their own bikes.... You've heard that story a million times. Not really spectacular bikes, but they're good.

Team ST - KHS went pretty big on the softtail thing, they have a compete line of them I believe. I don't like em much, but there's nothing wrong with them.

Pro - A decent looking hardtail, with a double crown Manitou.


Alite - A nice, simple hardtail. Good fork (Manitou SXR) and looks like Avid Magnesium brakes - a great way to spend your money.

Alite - Let's go racing! Aluminum hardtail, Manitou carbon fork, RaceFace Next cranks, carbon seatpost - built for speed.

Comp - I'll always have a soft spot for steel hardtails. Especially if they have Marzocchis on them.

Dominatrax - KHS' really beefy looking DH bike. Looks really heavy.

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