Klein pt. 2

Pinnacle - A pretty nice pre-Trek Klein. I wonder if the rider knows that the stem has to be inserted into the steerer tube to a pre-determined depth? Because that does not look safe. And I wonder who makes those wheels...

Pinnacle - I love pictures of original, old bikes. This Klein has all the old skool parts - no suspension, one-piece bar/stem combo, cantilever brakes, and standard size chainrings.

Adroit - Was this photo taken with a black-light? I know Kleins are loud, but this is really something else. And those green Michelins are definitely the hot ticket for making your bike look stupid.

Adroit - A nice, pre-Trek bike with a few modern touches like XTR V-brakes. And check the old-skool chain tensioner attached to the derailleur. Made by Bullet Bros. I believe. [edit] had to post this just for that derailleur tensioner - i think one of the cooler inventions that never caught on so much.

Mantra - This is a really well finished Klein with Magura hydraulics and Race Face cranks that match the frame. But I wonder how the 3 inch Marzocchi fork matches with the claimed 7 inches of travel at the rear wheel?

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