Time to get back at it - we last saw our hero at KHS, which means Klein is next...

Gary Klein was one of the first guys to really make aluminum work as a mountain bike frame. He was famous for big tubes and smoothed welds, a lot like Cannondale. Klein is now part of the Trek empire, and luckily his bikes haven't really suffered because of it. He still uses some outrageous colors, and big fat aluminum tubes.

Attitude - And this here is the ultimate classic Klein. Notable for it's 1989 paint job, and also for it's one-piece handlebar / stem combo, and it's 1.6 inch sealed bearing headset. How did you adjust it? You didn't, it was loctited in place.

Attitude - Not only does this bike have the pain of zero suspension and stiff aluminum, but it's only got 2 chainrings in the front - ultra punishment!

Rascal - More loud colors on a Klein - but then what would you expect? This bike looks like fun, but I'm not really sure why...

Pulse - Even the Pulse, which is lower down on the Klein totem pole, is worth putting XTR parts on, as this bike shows.

Pinnacle - I don't know if this is actually a Pinnacle or not, but it's a cool old bike, and you know I love those.

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