Kona pt. 2

Explosif - Kona Explosif, steel since 1988 or so, but now it's a Scandium race bike. This one is beautiful - great forks, Avid brakes, lots of stickers. Top marks.

Chute - This was the first model of Kona's first "Shore" hardtail. A pretty risky move at the time - a hardtail with an overbuilt frame and a dual crown fork. You wouldn't be expected to ride this up hills. This one has Formula discs - good choice.

Blast - The Blast is sort of a budget Shore bike - it has really beefy frame construction, but a cheap fork and pretty weak cable-operated disc brakes. You can get one for free if you buy a Ford Focus - but only in the States. In Canada, Ford sponsors DeVinci. This bike is available here as the Stuff.

SexOne - I thought the Sex (Suspension Experience) bike were all linkage bike just like the Jamis Dakar, but I guess I was wrong. Anyway, I'm not a huge fan of those forks, but this looks like a pretty decent bike.

Stab - Kona's Stab is one of the better complete DH bikes you can buy. I like the 2000 bike better because they got rid of the bent down tube. Take a second to look at that fork... Imagine it on your bike...

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