Action Tec

Action-Tec makes some of the best Titanium parts in the business. Most importantly, a Ti cogset that actually works. They also use a head-tube mounted shock just like Cannondale. The difference being that it serviceable and doesn't use Cannondale only parts.

What we have here is maybe the most unusual set-up of any bike I have a pic of. What looks like a single speed with a derailleur providing chain tension, is actually a 14 speed, thanks to the amazing Rohloff Speedhub 500/14. The Speedhub features 14 internal gears operated by a twist shifter. It's hella expensive, but it's mostly worth it, as it is sealed and aparently rolls pretty smoothly.

The shock provides 2.4 inches of travel and uses a 1 1/4" headtube with a standard size 1 1/8" stem. Why couldn't Cannondale engineer that?


Niels said...

I want one! But who stocks Rohloff in Edmonton?

80 said...

Redbike my friend, Redbike. Last year, we built two bikes with Rohloffs - a left over Norco Charger, and a Karate Monkey...