Bianchi probably has more history than all of the other companies put together. Their Celeste Green bikes have been ridden by legendary European road racers and have won every major road race. But, like most Euro bike makers, they came late to mountain bikes. Unlike most Euro mountain bike makers, Bianchi's bikes actually look good.

B.A.S.S. - Bianchi was one of the first big companies to sell a complete single speed bike. And one of the first to make one out of aluminum. I really don't know what this bike is called though - I've seen bass, boss, buss, and others.

This bike is a little different - notice the derailleur - this is actually a nine-speed.

B.u.S.S. - OK, this one looks like it says B.u.S.S., whatever that means. It's got great parts on it - I've never seen a gold RaceFace crank before.

Check out the other sool stuff in this picture. I want a Sofa King. And I wonder if you get to wear that crown when you ride a Sofa King.

Cyclocross - This is the classic Bianchi. That green, called Celeste, is revered in Europe, where Bianchi's win the Tour De France with the fabulous Pantani on board.

Here, they're pretty much just another road bike...

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