The Guide is back!

Welcome to the grand re-opening of the TeamCow BikeGuide!

Back in the day, I used to pull down a lot of hits with my website www.teamcow.ca, in fact, I had the number one listing on Google if you searched for 'Teamcow.' I don't know how many people actually did that, but it was enough to know that we came up before those German dudes with the Ultima Online site.

Those guys were geeks...

Anyway, I had hundreds of bike pics that I grabbed from anywhere mountain bikes were sold. I thought it was cool to have a database of all these bikes; either to remember the old ones, or just to have the pic available to anyone that wanted to know what a Brodie Catalyst was, or a Fisher Paragon, or whatever.

I still have all the pics and I'm going to try and post them here as a blog. I don't know how this will work exactly, but I'm going to just do it and see what happens.

Please go ahead and post comments on any of the bikes, send me pics if you have them, or get mad because I've got a pic of your bike without your permission. Enjoy it on as many levels as you can.

I'm going to post both the original summary of each company that I wrote, and the comments for each pic. Some of the comments will be hopelessly dated, and if I feel the need to revise the comments, I'll add them in grey.



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