Barracuda, like Balance, was a company that sprung up from nowhere, sold a bunch of Easton Elite hardtails (with teardrop-profile downtubes), then went away quietly. The difference being that they stuck around long enough, until say 1997, to market a suspension bike ripping off every major design style of the time.

A2M - More or less a quality hardtail here, but we're not sold on those Spinergy wheels. They disappeared from the market pretty quickly after the Spox wheels came out.

A2BS - OK, there has to be a better name for this bike.... Anyway, you can see that this bike comes from right after the Age of Anodyzing. You can see here that there were a few holdouts, but they didn't last much longer than this bike, which I'd date at 1995.

XX Team - Yellow and silver usually go pretty good, but when you throw in a lot of red, and those goofball green Michelins - well that's a recipe for an unattractive bike. By the way, the XX is a nod to sponsor Dos Equis - my favorite beer of all-time.

** TeamCow JokeBike **

XXFX - Alright, looks like a beefy DH bike here. It looks a little too much like the new Norco Shore bikes - it has the same depressions in the monocoque front section.

We've got a beefy White Brothers inverted fork, 8 inch Hayes rotor out front... wait a minute...

Bar ends? A Cane Creek air shock!!!!!

Help me - I don't understand. [edit] This is the first occurance of the TeamCow JokeBike - a bike so crappy or so poorly or stupidly set up, it just begged for biting, cynical comments pointing that out.

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