Airborne is the cheap way to get yourself a titanium bike. The bikes can only be purchased through their website, and they offer an extensive battery of questions to ensure you get the bike you want.

Of course, you might not find a local bike shop willing to help you with repairs for a bike you didn't buy there. I'd have to say from experience that wouldn't be too much of a problem in Edmonton. But I could be wrong. [edit] Local shops will fix it, but you'll pay. Oh how you'll pay!! HAHAHAHAAAAAA! Did I mention I'm a mechanic??

Lucky Strike - This bike has a very nice setup, I especially like seeing a SuperFly instead of a SID. It's cool to be different.

Corsair - The Corsair is Airborne's new, lower priced Ti frame. It lacks some of the fancy details of the Lucky Strike, like a fancy DeKerf-style wishbone on the seatstays, and swanky dropouts.

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