Balance sprung up from nowhere with a line of very nice aluminum and titanium bikes. I especially like the painted/polished fade they used.

If I had money and I was looking for an old resoration project, I would for sure snap up a Balance.

AL-450 - This bike is like a time machine back to 1997. It's totally stock right down to the toe-clips. Pretty cool really...

AL-750 - Anton sent me this pic of his beauty AL750 after he noticed our little 450 all by itself. His bike looks great - I always liked that anodized fade-to-polished finish on that bike. It looks like a good bike to go fast on. Thanks Anton!

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Share said...

I owned two AL750's, a '94 which was the purple anodized fade and the '96 which was dark grape/black to fade.

Bought them from Mike Wolfe, now famous for the American Pickers show. He used to own a bike shop and his shop team raced on the AL750's.

Sold them both and miss them dearly. That frame was insanely nimble and light. Would love to find another '96 to build up as a singlespeed.

Only problem with the frame was the rear brake stays would bend like spaghetti under hard braking from the vbrakes, mandating a U-booster. The AC Race Cranks were noodles as well, but extremely cool.