Cannondale goes way back. Along with Fat City, K2 (then Pro-Flex) and Merlin, they started their East-Coast scene back in 1988 or so. They've always been weird, some of their first mountain bikes had 24" rear wheels and (at the time) skyscraper tall 13" bottom bracket heights. Of course now they're weird for completely different reasons.

M500 - This is a nice hardtail here, RaceFace cranks, Avid Arch Rivals, and normally I would cheer the very unusual lack of a HeadShok on this bike, but unfortuantely, it has Rock Shox instead.

Someone once said; "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Killer V - This is definitely set up to race - check the 2x9 drivetrain, Mavic CrossMax disc wheels, and the short travel HeadShok. And, what's become the most recent indicator of a race bike; those ugly Hutchinson Python Gold tires...

Hardtail - I never know the names of these Cannondale HT's. I know this is a CAAD4 frame, and it's set up with some serious XC racing hardware, but I don't know if it's an F3000 or an F4000, or what it is.

Hardtail -Another nameless Cannondale hardtail.

Cannondale is such an odd company. You have to like their components, or not buy their bikes, because everything is propietary. They have their own headtubes, their own BB shells, their own disc brake rotor pattern. And no bike shop with any intelligence would ever swap any of those parts because they can't be used on any other bike.

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