Tony Ellsworth's bikes are revered in the hardcore community. And I mean hardcore in the sense of spending $3300 for just a frame. Now they might not look like much in these pictures, but I can tell you that up close, these are very impressive bikes. [edit] There's a saying that goes; light, strong, cheap; pick two. Ellsworth only picked one - and it wasn't strong. I'm not saying their bikes are made from golf clubs, but they're not Banshees...

Dare - The highly regarded Ellsworth Dare. This one built up with a Hanebrink Z-6 and Hope DH discs. This frame probably works really well, but it's ugly. The rear section on this bike just looks goofy, and those graphics - seriously - are Ellsworth's corporate headquarters in East L.A.?

Dare - I like the theme here - black. And the skull is a nice touch. Those DHers are such a happy bunch. Seriously though, doesn't that Manitou look cool?

Dare - Well, I guess people buy the Boxxer because it's light. Which doesn't make all that much sense in the downhill world given how heavy everything else is. And why does that shock have that long extension on it? More importantly, why does this Dare have a Truth rear end on it? Maybe it's an older model...

Specialist - You are so not cool nowadays if you don't have a freeride/dirt jumping/'hucking' bike in your lineup. Something with a beefy frame, Marzocchi fork, and a general BMX look.

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