Curtlo has been making bikes for quite some time now, though they've never been really popular. Their golden age was the early 90's and the Kahlua mountain bike team featuring future three-time World Champion Alison Sydor. They seem to still going strong though, and I reallt like their bikes.

Mountaineer - I have it on good authority that this is a Curtlo Mountaineer. The bike that Alison Sydor used to race back in the Kahlua days. You can still buy them, with frame decals presumably, and they are very nice. The Mountaineer is on my list of "the next bike I'm going to buy. [edit] It didn't happen, I think I had a Santa Cruz Superlight at this time, from there I went to a series of Giants, a Haro, and now a Rocky Blizzard.

Mountaineer - This is a bit of a head scratcher. On MTBR this was advertised as a brand new Curtlo frame. But all the parts are straight from 1991. Rock Shox Mag 21, Deore DX derailleur, Tioga T-Bone stem, and Onza barends. It's a nice all-original, vintage bike, but I can't see somebody putting old parts on a new frame.


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