Chris DeKerf at one time welded frames for Rocky Mountain. If you ever see an old Altitude, you can see very similar construction techniques to the current DeKerf frames. And he seems to be pretty successful because now he's branched out to make an aluminum frame and an FS frame. [edit] after a long absence sending all his frames off to Europe and doing wet-booth work for Rocky, DeKerf is back! rejoice and revel in hand-built canadian awesomeness!

Team SL- This bike would confuse the heck out of a mountain bike magazine editor. "A long travel fork? It must be a freeride hardtail... But where's the riser bar? It can't be a race bike with that fork on it..." Luckily, we can ride anything we want and ignore the classifications some people seem to need to use.

Is it just me, or does that color say "standard Army issue mountainbike?"

Generation - How do you get yourself a handbuilt DeKerf, and still be able to afford to eat something other than Ramen noodles? You get the Generation, more or less the same frame, but cheaper components.

Team ST - This is the Team ST with Ti chainstays. It's really too bad that Dekerf seems to favour Rock Shox, because this bike with a Marzocchi would rule.

Team ST - Well I'm really sorry to say this, because I'm sure you spent a lot on that custom flame job, but I don't think I've ever seen a good flame job on a bike. But maybe it's that butt-ugly Shimano crankset and weak Rock Shox fork.


CAexpat said...

80, I am the owner of this Dekerf with the "butt ugly" crankset and "weak" fork. (I imagine you found this photo on Mountain Bike Review, where I posted it YEARS ago...probably around 1999.) I still have this Dekerf, and I'm wondering if it might assuage your antipathy to know that for a long time now, it has XTR cranks instead and a red Marzocchi fork. Bottom line: If I got your email address and sent you newer photos, could you at least update your blog and show the best face of my Team ST? Going all the way back to the days of Teamcow, I've seen your post on my bike, and I feel wronged! (grin) You may still dislike the custom paint job, but that's the way it is, and I like it. Please drop me a line here...I think you may like the newer version at least a *little* bit more. It's an injustice to have such an old photo. :)

80 said...

i remember you!! ;)

i spent a lot of time debating whether or not i should post the old descriptions i wrote or write all new ones because i'm pretty sure that i feel a lot different about bikes than i did then.

anyway, you are more than welcome to send me a new pic. i've softened a bit on flame jobs, and XTR cranks are always good.

send them to this address and i'll post them soon. and thanks for reminding me that i've fallen behind on this project!!


CAexpat said...

Forgive me for a dumb question, 80, but I can't seem to find an email link for you anywhere on this blog! What's an appropriate address? And thanks for being such a good sport. :) The bike guide really is fun to pore over. And yes, opinions do change over time too... :)

80 said...

sorry expat - i just assumed that i was getting emails from you directly. i guess they're being sent through blogger.com.

send pics to aguycalled80@gmail.com.


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