Diamond Back

Diamond Back goes way back in the history of mountain bikes. And BMX bikes too. One thing I really don't like about them is their constantly changing corporate identity. They went from Diamond Back to DaimondBack to DBR and seemingly back and forth between the three every year. They've always been a "big" bike I wouldn't be embarassed to be seen riding.

X-6 - DBR's freeride-type bikes are one of the few mass-produced bikes that TeamCow likes. This one is kinda cool with it's Risse fork and apparently link plates from an Intense M-1.

Team Issue - A serious race-only hardtail. The low, long stem is a dead give away. The despised Cadel Evans used to own World Cup courses on this bike.

X-10 - The DBR DH bike. Never seen one before, but this one looks pretty cool. Why does it have a reflector on the seatpost? Do they run DH races at night now? Did somebody use this monster to run down to the 7-eleven for a pack of smokes?

XTS-3 - It kinda looks like DBRs are now called DiamondBacks again. They have a habit of changing their name every year or two.

Anyway, I like the bike in general, but I'm not a big fan of the graphics...

X-6 - I'm not sure that this is an X-6, but it doesn't matter - because this bike is HARDCORE!

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