Giant pt. 2

MCM 990 - Is Giant a multi-national with a lot of money? You better believe it. How else could they engineer a sophisticated carbon full-suspension frame like this one, and only sell it for one year. They must have lost a ton on development costs.

ATX 890 - An old skool Giant with a few solid upgrades. Giants were cool back in the day too - but much better today.

XTC Team - This is one of the 'controversial' Giant NRS bikes. Controversial because Specialized had a court order to block the sale of the bike in the US for a while. They eventually backed off - which is good I guess, because it looks like a nice bike.

Warp DS1 - How does Giant require three suspension bike lines? This Warp, the XTC series, and the new long-travel AC frames.

And did you ever wonder where old forks went when people realized they weren't that good? Well, they go on brand new Giants.

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