GT pt. 3

Lobos - Once again GT designs a suspension bike requiring a special shock. Bike companies should be reprimanded for doing that. Making it hard for you customers to upgrade their bikes is stupid.

** TeamCow JokeBike **

XCR 2000
- Why is it that GT's and crappy Rock Shox always seem to go together. Well, they were obviously made for each other. By the way, say goodbye to your Fox Float R when you bottom the rear suspension...

** TeamCow JokeBike **

XCR 4000
- Another GT with Spin's... and RaceFace cranks.

I will find you.

Know that.

** TeamCow JokeBike **

- Yet another GT with Spin wheels. What I really don't get is that if there's some way to make a bike look bad, whether it be with crappy color schemes or ugly parts, it's always the GT owner that will find it.

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