Giant pt. 3

ATX one - Giant has made one of the better DH bikes in the last few years, but not too any North American riders know about it. I could be wrong though. Anyway, the primary color paint scheme on this bike is a little weird, but I like it.

** TeamCow Joke Bike **

Warp -
I just can't see spending the huge amounts of cash that the MX-6 fork and Helix Pro rear shock cost, not to mention the Spin wheels and Magura hydraulics, on this crappy Giant. Some Giants are worth spending money on, but the Warp is not. If it comes stock with Altus components and a RS Jett, then chances are the frame is not that great either.

MCM Team - It's cool to go with one color for some parts on your bike. And it's cool when it's a contrast, but it is possible to go too far. And that fork is just not good...

AC Air - This looks like an excellent trail bike. Not too heavy, but sturdy enough for some punishment. Good colors too.

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