GT pt. 2

** TeamCow JokeBike **

LTS Spin
- What's wrong with this bike? Where do I start ?

1. Rock Shox DHO - a fork so bad even the mighty Rock Shox admitted it.

2. Spin wheels - they look dumb in black, and worse in blue.
3. Rear shock mount - I'm no suspension expert, but this is the only frame I've ever seen where the shock isn't mounted to the frame on one end. That can't be good. [edit] actually, that style of shock mount is now being used as a way to get a virtual pivot, so maybe it wasn't that terrible after all.

And finally,

4. Race Face cranks on a GT -
not allowed. As a Canadian I am officially requesting that those cranks be returned to their country of origin. Go get some Truvtivs or Bontrekgers or something like that.

LTS - Fox? What the hell is that? This bike has Rock Shox suspension components at both ends!

Wait - is that... Yes! A Rock Shox cable disc brake!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!! I bet that fork doesn't have any damping either!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

** TeamCow JokeBike **

I actually read the description of this bike because I needed to understand the stupidity behind it. Why did you get a custom Troy Lee paint job, and just get red. Why did you get him to put 'GT' on the one side, and 'Honda' on this side of the frame? It's not a Honda, Honda had nothing do to with it. Maybe if they had, it wouldn't suck so much...

** TeamCow JokeBike **

Another GT with a Spin wheels? Help me out here... Like I said before, I'll be taking back those cranks thankyouverymuch. And dude, seriously, go down to Target or wherever and buy a hacksaw - fix that steerer tube.

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Paul said...

I read your blog about mtn bike companies and their many models. Very informative and entertaining. I notice you haven't got to the "L"s yet.....

Several years ago I ran into a guy on ebay who sold magnesium frames. These were leftovers from 2 companies that distributed these frames in the States: Lodestar & Salt City.

You've probably at least heard of Paketa or maybe even Litech. Litech is the company that put magnesium frames on the map and at least originally supplied Paketa (Boulder CO) their frames. My supposition is that an unemployed Russian aeronautics metalurgist turned his magnesium welding techniques to the new Russian private sector in the late eighties. Igor. I corresponded with him.

I bought one, $150. It arrived and my wife cried, "They sent an empty box!" (A 19" hardtail frame -no fork @ 2.4#s!)

Well, I liked my 21" so much I bought 2 more at 19". The last, for my wife. She calls it the Stealth Chick Bike.

A speckled grey/black, it's fitted with the XTR 950 group, Mustang rims, and several other nice bits in black, grey or pink. I would have used King pink, but the budget......you know...

One thing I noticed about your blog is that you seem to have a low opinion of Girvin/Noleen forks. Hmmm...I am interested in a fuller explanation of their inadequacies.

The Stealth Chick Bike was fitted with a carbon version of this fork. I painted the alloy tips and spring a calcimine pink, fitted Jagwire pink housings and pink spoke nipples (she loves 'em).

Should you elect to include Litech as you get to the "L"s, I would send you pics and more history.

Paul E Bailey