Independant Fabrications

Independant is the product of some disgruntled former Fat City employees. So what you get when you buy an Independant is an Fat City with updated features, or in other words, a really good bike. [edit] i'm greatly understating the case here - having now seen one up close, i'd say that an IF Crown Jewel Ti is of the two best bikes in the world. the other being a Moots.

Deluxe - Is this the future of mountain bike forks right here? Probably not, but the rigid fork is making a comeback. The thing of it is, who is gonna spend US$200 on a Fat City rigid fork when that will also get you a very nice Manitou SX-R? Anyway, this bike looks really nice.

Deluxe - This bike just screams singletrack with that high-rise stem. Weird how 'Shore' bikes and 'East Coast' bikes are really quite similar. By the way, some people call them 'Indy Fabs' - I hate that.

Deluxe - The Deluxe in the team race colors. Looks fast.

Planet Cross - I like Independent, and this bike looks really fast, but, I don't care for the color at all. It's bad enough on the tires, I don't know why you would want to match your frame to that color...

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