GT has a long history in the world of mountain bikes. And for some reason, a long history of making bikes I haven't liked. Also, they seem to be the bike company most likely to attract the newbie element. So you see more bizarre GTs than any other brand. [edit] ahh GT... the brand i love to hate. GT went bankrupt in 2000 or thereabouts. everybody that was a GT dealer dropped them like a, umm, like a brand that was being bought up by some crappy venture capital company. so some GTs went to department stores, and some remained in a bike line for independant retailers. as if any bike shop would try to sell a line that you could buy at your local box store for hundreds less. GT seems to still exist though.

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Zaskar -
Well, a Zaskar is bad enough - but when you slap a Cannondale Moto fork on it - that's recipe for a laughing-induced groin-pull. And then you see the Formula hydraulic on the front paired with an XT brake on the rear - and you prey that you still might be able to have kids one day. On the upside - GT's being so overbuilt - this is one hardtail/double-crown combination that might not get it's headtube ripped off after two months of riding.

Zaskar - Another Zaskar with a stupid fork - what is wrong with you people?

Zaskar LE - I'm pretty sure that the LE was intended for serious racing action. So why does this one have a super high-rise stem, riser bar and suspension seatpost?

RTS - The Rocker Tuned Suspenion, GT's first full suspension design. Pretty innovative really, but not too active, and the relentless forward progress forced GT to move on quickly to the LTS.

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