Ibis is one of those really 'out-there' little companies. Mostly because company founder Scot Nicol is pretty 'out-there.' Where-ever he is, he's made some really exceptional bikes - Ibis frames are highly sought-after.

SS - All I can say about this bike, is that it's old. I had never even heard of the SS before I saw this.

Mojo - The original, steel Ibis Mojo. If you look closely, you can see the cantilever brake cable stop - it was called the 'Handjob' - because the cable stop was a little hand. The type of wacky little thing you found on Ibis' that set them apart.

Alibi - The aluminum Ibis - in this case very nicely built-up with RaceFace and Marzocchi. Just the way TeamCow likes it.

Mai Ti - This is a bit of a budget buil-up on this bike - which is fine, because a titanium Ibis frame is not cheap.

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