I can't really tell you much about Intense. All I know is that when the M1 hit the market, it was one of the best DH bikes right from the start, and it's reputation is such that it's seemingly everybody's choice as a dreambike.

Uzzi - Here's the best that Shimano has to offer the DH world. Check out the Shimano Airlines shifters and derailleur. Good for one or two DH runs apparently. And it costs about US$1200.

Uzzi - This Uzzi was spotted at the Canmore World Cup event in 2000. I don't care for that stem much, but the rest of the bike is very nice.

Tracer - This is a pretty mean looking bike. I'd sure like to know if those Spox wheels are winners or not. They look cool, but they sound weak.

M1 SL - Maybe it's just the pic, but this bike looks like a toy. Maybe it's the colors.

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