Giant is exactly what they say they are. One of the biggest bike manufacturers in the world. Given that they make frame for a lot of other companies, chances are pretty good that you've ridden a Giant at some point. And I don't even know who you are. Anyway, lately Giant has really impressed me with their graphics and general parts spec.

XTC SE1 - This bike is for racing; lightweight Manitou fork, flat bar, XTR stuff. It looks fast.

MCM SE - Giant has been making carbon frames for a long time, and these new MCM hardtails look great. I especially like that they come with Hope discs.

MCM Team - You want to ride what the World Cup big shots ride? This is your bike right here. Of course, at 24 pounds, Mountain Bike Action will tell you that it's too heavy.

Cadex CFM 3 - A bonded carbon Giant from 1991. Updated with a Judy, V-brakes, and those crazy CODA cranks with one-piece chainrings. I really wonder why people sell bikes like this - they're so cool. [edit] i don't wonder anymore, i just snap them up off ebay and convert them to singlespeeds!

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