Litespeed is out of Tennessee and go way back in the history of titanium mountain bikes. Back in the day, probably 80% of the titanium frames out there were either made by Litespeed or Merlin - what it took to build one was pretty different from steel and aluminum, so only a couple companies could make them. Of course now, their much more common, but Litespeeds are still some of the best.

Obed - Litespeed has tried so many different rear suspension designs it would make your head spin. And none of them has really been good. Going with the AMP strut-style rear end seemed like a good idea, but it's so out of fashion now...

Ocoee - This is indeed a bizarre machine. The fork is weird enough on it's own, but then there's blue chainrings, and those cranks, I have no idea what they are. Or what they used to be before somebody with a drill-press got to them.

Unicoi - You can put Panaracers on anything and I'll like it... Seriously though, this Unicoi is outstanding, Marzocchi, Dean stem and I think Rhino cranks - very nice.

Tellico - As is having a CX bike isn't cool enough, imagine having a Litespeed CX bike. Top marks for the unusual set-up - XT brake/shifter pods instead of road STI levers. The road levers are damn expensive, plus the XT's are V-brake compatible. Serfas grips are a good choice too. [edit] after all these years, i see the truth; this is goofy. lose the WTB dirt drops and get some proper STI levers please.

Tanasi - Another Litespeed hardtail from their bewildering array of names. Whatever they're called, they're amazing bikes.

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