I shouldn't have to tell you who Porsche is. The frames are actually made by Votec, which is a company I know nothing about. Given how amazingly expensive this bike is, I'm really surprised how many I've found for sale out there. [edit] one day, rolling down whyte avenue, i saw a formerly pretty girl - that sounds bad, but what i mean is she was probably in her 40's and not a cute, perky college coed anymore - wearing a dress and deck shoes, riding a porsche mountain bike. i think that tells you everything right there; not a bike that serious off-roaders bought. but to be honest, that was more about price than capability.

Hardtail - A really nice hardtail with Porsche's own 4 inch, double crown fork and Magura hydraulic brakes. Nice, but not really all that special. The car on the other hand, is one of the last air-cooled 911s that Porsche made. I really want one... [edit] i've actually spent a lot of time deciding what 911 i'd like. being honest with myself about what i could actually afford some day, it would have to be a late 70's to early 80's 911sc. no whale tail, no wide body kit, black fuchs wheels = pure function. but i also like the 996 series cars; the last air-cooled ones. and of course, the first 930 would be awesome - but honestly, that car frightens me a bit.

FS - This Porsche, with reflectors and Shimano flat pedal inserts, is set up just like I saw once in Edmonton. It was being ridden by a girl down the sidewalks. She was wearing a skirt, and no helmet. I wish I could spend six grand on a bike to run errands on.

FS - Careful examination of all the pics I have leads me to believe this frame is the oldest. I don't know what that counts for really...

FS - This bike looks like it gets a little bit more offroad use than the previous one. Witness the Formula hyrdaulic discs. The fork looks exceptionally burley - and like it doesn't have 4 inches of travel..

FS Evo - From the "Evo" name, I'll assume this one is the newest. The main difference I see is that the fork is inverted. And that it has older Hope discs.

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