Phil Wood pt. 2

doing the phil wood post got me thinking about the phil independant single speed off road series, and i decided it was worth my time to look for some images and put them up here.

the main reason being you have one of the finest frame manufacturers in the work teaming up with one of the finest hub and bottom bracket manufacturers in the world. this results in some of the finest bikes i have ever seen.

this mind-blowing PISS off i found on singlespeed pimp's flickr set; http://www.flickr.com/photos/singlespeed-pimp/

few things annoy me more than the casual use of the word 'pimp' but that aside, the bikes and the pics on his set are fantastic.

anyway, this bike is quite simply the most beautiful bicycle I have ever seen. everything on it is perfect.

here's another beauty from flickr - P*H*A*T*Y's stream this time; http://www.flickr.com/photos/phaty/

another singlespeed, another CX bike, another work of art. i especially like the moustache bar.

this one comes from the late sheldon brown's website; http://www.sheldonbrown.com/ - so much terrific info there. it's pretty much where i learned to build wheels.

it's got a rohloff internally geared 14 speed hub - one of the coolest bicycle part out there. however, it's got a bit of a bizarre front end - i think a pretty mid-level psylo, and three stems worth of headset spacers in order to run a long flat stem and flat bar. i can't figure people that use this setup instead of a hi-rise stem and riser bar. actually, looking at that setup, makes me think this frame is way too small for the rider.

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