Mountain Cycles

Mountain Cycles was somewhat ahead of their time - building long travel freeride and trail bikes way before everybody realized how cool they were. And well before anybody made a half decent rear shock too. They were also way out there with disc brakes and inverted forks. They're still in business, still making some very nice bikes.

San Andreas - The San Andreas looked like it came from another planet compared to everything else when it came out in the early 90's. Now it's simply a very solid trail bike.

San Andreas - This bike has it all; Shimano discs, Fox shock, Raceface cranks, Marzocchi fork. Very nice.

Moho STS - Nice fork, nice cranks, great brakes, but those Spin wheels again...

Moho CXS - A little four bar action turns the Moho hardtail into a pretty cool XC suspension bike. Though not the most attractive color, and possibly the only RST fork on the entire BikeGuide, are points against it.

Shockwave - Mountain Cycle's DH bike - a little ungainly I'd say, but bikes always look cool in the snow.

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