Rocky Mountain pt. 80.2

Altitude. i bought this mysterious rocky on ebay for $200. the seller said it was a 1995 something. i forget what model he thought it was - but i knew he had the year wrong because rocky dropped the wishbone rear end in 1993. i thought it was a 1991, and figured i had confirmed that by the yellow paint i found inside the headtube. (someone had repainted it red, and it had no decals on it at all.) just now i've confimed it was a 1992 because they had that little cable stop attached to the wishbone. the 1991 had a cable noodle that wrapped around the seattube/toptube junction.

besides the fact that pretty much any rocky from 1990 to 1993 is on my 'buy that now!' list, i had to buy it because of this;

that's right. RM666. i never looked into this fully. i may have tried to post on mtbr.com - but i probably didn't because i don't really like those forums. i don't really like any web forum for that matter.

i pulled all the parts off this bike and put them on this kawasaki frame i had, and sold that. then i repainted and rebuilt this bike with my singlespeed gear;

this one came out fantastic. but it was sort of an extra bike, so i traded it for a custom fisher sugar frame and fork.

Vertex. this is where the singlespeed kit came from. a white industries eno rear wheel, superlight kinesis fork, and eventually race face 180mm cranks, carbon post, flite saddle, and a mary handlebar. was this the hottest singlespeed in town? probably. in the top five anyway.

i turned this bike into the hottest hybrid in town;

road wheels + mtb frame + mavic brake adapter = awesome city bike. can't put fenders on it because of that adapter, but it's still awesome. i'm holding on to this frame.

Blizzard. this is a 2005, 20th anniversary edition blizzard. this frame i will never sell. i rode it like this for a year, but now it's waiting to become a singlespeed, and i will regain my Hottest Singlespeed in Town award. you probably didn't even know there was such an honour. nobody else does either, but it's there, and i'm taking it back.

vicious cycles fork, non-low profile race face 180mm cranks, avid discs with nokon/full metal jacket cable routing, avid SAAGO stem, titec titanium flattracker handlebar, thomson post, chris king headset, and it will have a white industries eno disc rear wheel.

so there you have it, all brilliant bikes, and i have a feeling i'm not done buying rockys...

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ice said...

Sweet collection! I'm wondering if you have any estimate on how wide a tire you can use in that Mavic Brake Adapter Plate. All the online retailers seem to suggest nothing wider than 25mm. This seems ridiculously skinny. It looks as if you are running something wider than this yourself. Is there a potential for rubbing? Or is there some other reason the stores are suggesting such a small tire? Thanks!