Rocky Mountain pt. 5

RM9 - The RM 9 was somewhat revolutionary at it's introduction because there were very few bikes with 9 inches of wheel travel at the time. I remember reading the review in Mountain Bike, and they didn't seem to like it too much. I think they were such girlie-men that they couldn't handle the Marzocchi Monster-T. At least they admitted it.

Turbo - A rare road bike on the BikeGuide. This '99 Turbo weighs the same as the RM-9 DH frame the Rocky introduced that same year.

Turbo t.o. - A slightly better version of the Turbo. With that great paint again.

Element Race - This is exactly what I like to see happen to an Element. Get some RaceFace parts on it - cranks, seatpost, stem - and then get an Atom Bomb. My idea of a perfect full suspension bike. Poor picture composition though...

Element Ltd. - This pic was sent by a faithful BikeGuide reader, and my thanks to Dennis for sending me one of the nicest bikes I have on the site. If TeamCow raced, this is the bike we'd want - Hope Enduro discs, Syncros cranks, and a terrific, European model Element Ltd. frame.

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