Rocky Mountain pt. 4

Slayer - You saw it here first - the 2001 Rocky Slayer. This is a prototype that TeamCow saw at the Rocky tent in Canmore. I thought originally that it would replace the aging and less-fashionable Pipeline, but that URT bike will still be available for 2001. The Slayer is mostly an Element, but with Easton RAD tubing, and a different link providing 4.75 inches of travel, instead of 3.9.

Slayer - This is a pretty crappy pic of the production Slayer - with Magura Clara brakes and Race Face Prodigy stuff. I like this bike, but I wish it was a bit lighter. They need to make an Element with the Slayer's travel.

Pipeline - The Pipeline was one of the first freeride bikes. It debuted in 1998 and is somehow still in the lineup, even though URT style bikes are not that fashionable anymore. I've heard they can be great, but they demand sitting-down style of riding.

RM6 - One of the regular, three-chainring RM6's set-up for DH use with a Monster-T. This bike has a pretty poor reputation amongst the DH/freeride set. I guess a lot of the original ones broke, which is not good.

RM6 - If you ever see an RM-6 in your LBS, pick it up. If you ride any XC-type bike, I guarantee that you will never think it heavy again after hefting this beast.

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