Rocky Mountain pt. 6

Element Team SC - This is Rocky's absolute top-of-the-line Element Team SC. The SC meaning Scandium, Easton's superlight aluminum tubeset. Rocky will sell this as a complete bike for the first time, for the 2001 model year.

Element t.o. - The 2000 model Rocky Element t.o. An awesome bike, check out those RaceFace Next cranks, and the Z.2 X-Fly. Very solid. I'd prefer a riser bar of course, but then, I'm not a racer.

Element t.o. - A 1999 model Rocky Element t.o. What's odd about this bike is that it came originally with a Marzocchi Superfly - this one has an Atom Bomb. Electing to go with coil springs over air springs is the TeamCow way to go, but it would make for a heavier bike.

Altitude - This gorgeous t.o. comes from Mark in Ontario - thanks Mark! What a difference the details can make - custom painting the fork and stem to match the frame. And of course the parts - Chris King wheels, Grimeca discs, Kooka cranks - all kick-ass stuff.

Blizzard - James sent me an excellent pic of his fabulous 1990 Blizzard. It's a fantastic bike with a Chris King wheelset, Easton bar, Avid brakes, and best of all, a Syncros fork. I want one of those forks - if you've got one for sale - let me know.

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madjh said...

That element TO is my bicycle, very light, only 9,8 kg http://mad-biker.blogspot.com/2011/01/una-doble-ligera-de-menos-de-10-kg.html