Phil Wood

I thought Phil Wood only made grease and chain oil. But it seems that they make some really expensive hubs, headsets, and really nice frames. It's cool to learn stuff. [edit] i have further learned that the phil wood frames are made by other high-end manufacturers. there was a run of 32 'phil independant single speed off road' frames made back in '02 by independant fabrications in titanium. these are some of the nicest bicycles ever made.

i have even further learned (see comments on this post) that phil wood never made headsets. i'm sure i knew that, so i must have been drunk when i made this post. i've also found out that the frames on this post were made by fabulous san fran builders http://www.sycip.com

Singlespeed - I think the singlespeed think is really cool, but I can't see myself buying a SS-only frame and then putting really expensive parts on it. That being said, this is a very nice bike.

Hardtail - This gorgeous hardtail may just be so nice because everything on it is brand new. Like the Panaracer Fire tires (in black finally), the Marzocchi Atom Race fork, and the Thomson stem. Notice the lack of canti brakes bosses. And this bike is especially rare because it's not a single speed. Beautiful.

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Darla said...

Some comments from Phil Wood here. :)

We don't have a headset, though we've been hearing requests for years now. We're glad to hear that you love our grease and oil!

Our KissOff frames were made for us locally (near us, at least) by Sycip Designs. The track bike you can see on our home page as well as our PissOff frame were built by Independent Fabrications.