Norco is a Canadian company that we Canadians used to make fun of because they made so many cheap, department-store type bikes. Things have changed though, and since 1993, they've made plenty of really good bikes. And now, they have one of the most compelte line of North Shore style bikes on the market. [edit] norco has the market covered like few other bike companies. each micro-niche has a bike, and most of them have three price points. you need a 4 inch travel single speed park bike? sure, we have three!

Team Issue - Textbook trials set-up - a steel frame, Maguras, small frame, short stem, wide bars. And outstanding color matching between the brakes, tires and grips.

Torrent - I really like Norco's spec - Marzocchi forks, Formula hydraulic discs, RaceFace and Panaracer Fires. This is an older one, and now the Torrent is Norco's "Shore" hardtail. I'm not sure that they make any other type of bike anymore. My apologies for the weak pic, but I like Canadian bikes.

Nitro - There was a time when the only bike Norco made was a steel hardtail with a plain, metallic paint job. That was about 1995. [edit] seriously, i swear that there was one year they had a steel hardtail at each component level, with a marzocchi fork, and they were all the same colour. just like this bike.

VPS 1 - This would seem to the bike to own if you ride super technical, North Shore style trails. At least in Canada anyway. This is one bike where that fork doesn't look out of place.

TNT - Another excellent Norco hardtail. This is probably the first time I've ever seen yellow RaceFace cranks look good on a bike.

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