Merlin was one of the first companies to really make titanium work as a frame material. Most titanium bikes from 1988 to 1992 were either Merlins or Litespeeds. They had a tremdous aura of mystery about them too, bike magazine would do stories about all the test projects they had, most of which were the product of Rob Vandermark's imagination. Rob's work can now be had from Seven Cycles.

Mountain - This looks like a fairly old frame, but titanium is pretty ageless, so expect to see them changing hands for lots on money well into the future.

XLM - A very nice Extra-Light Mountain that TeamCow spotted down in Canmore. I wouldn't be surprised if this bike was 21 pounds. And it's painfully expensive too.

Fat Beat - A couple of East Coast companies have tried Cannondale's HeadShok system, to poor results. This bike really looks wrong.

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