Rocky Mountain pt. 2

Spice - This Spice is a happy little bike. Nice colors, nothing really flashy, but everything perfectly capable. But that Girvin fork sure doesn't work for me. To each his own, eh?

Oxygen Race - I really like the 1998 bikes because it was the last year for the really good graphics that they used right from 1991. And I like all Rocky's because they come with Marzocchi's. [edit] this one belongs to a friend of mine. purchased in 1998, it's still stock, still awesome.

Reaper - The Reaper is one of those bikes that you rarely see. Partly because they probably didn't make that many of them, but also because they were all spoken for before they ever got to the bike shops.

Blizzard - The Blizzard is my all-time favorite bike of all time. And it's great to see the 2001 model go back to the maple-leaf fade paint for it's 20th birthday. This 2000 model is a great bike too.


Blizzard - The Blizzard is the Porsche 911 of mountain bikes. It's been around since 1984, virtually unchanged. Still made of steel, and still black and white. This particular bike is quite sad though. Putting a Rock Shox Jett and a Truvativ crank on a Blizzard is like putting Canadian Tire white-walls on a Porsche. That stuff belongs on a Trek.

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