Rocky Mountain pt. 3

Element Ltd. - I hate this bike. I know it really doesn't matter that what color a bike is, but I really hate this paintjob. I don't like that Rocky would agree to do this. If I was rich, I'd buy this and paint it black with Krylon...

Instinct - A pretty good guess this bike wasn't used too hard - it still has reflectors. It's a '99, you can tell by the cable-operated Dia-Tech disc brakes, and of course the ugly graphics. The '00 Instinct has Sram V-brakes.

Instinct - Somebody has done the right thing here and picked up some hydraulic brakes instead of those cable operated discs. Avid and Hayes seem to have perfected the cable disc now, but in 1999, the Dia-Tech Spiral stop was really no better than V-brakes.

DH Race - The DH Race was Rocky's first attempt at a dedicated downhill race bike. Essentially an Element frame with a longer swing link and moto-style gusset on the headtube. Six inches of rear wheel travel. Today, this would make a nice freeride bike, and word is Rocky is bringing it back (sort of) as the Slayer.

DH Race - Something about this bike doesn't look right... Maybe it's that link, it looks funny. Or it could just be a big bike. I know, it must be the fork - yup, that's it.

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