Nishiki started out pretty early in the game, and had a moment in the sun when they were the cheap way to get your hands on the technological advancements made by Richard Cunningham at Mantis. Though I guess this wasn't enough to keep them in business for too long.

FS2 - This FS2 was the poor man's way to get their hands on a Mantis Profloater. And this one is authentic 1993 right down to it's Rock Shox Mag 21 and the original XTR group.

Alien - The Alien came in two forms; the exotic bolted together steel and aluminum frame, and the less expensive, all-aluminum welded one like this one here. I like this bike because it has both the new forks and V-brakes, and the old SunTour cranks that were OEM in 1991.

Alien - What I said for the previous Alien; forget it. Here's the third Alien - a steel frame. This one is all original too, just like the last ten years never happened.

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