Rocky Mountain

Rocky has been building some very excellent bikes in Delta, B.C. for 20 years. For me, nobody makes a better mass-produced bike. They started out making their version of Tom Ritchey's bike and have turned into an all-encompassing company, with a line of accessories (that eventually went out on it's own) called Race Face, clothes, and of course, bikes to cover every market niche. They've also been the best looking bikes in the world (except for 1999). [edit] i've been looking forward to posting these one right from when i started this. my favorite company by far. if resources allowed it, i'd spend all my time tracking down old rockys and then i'd restore them.

Vertex t.o. - This could be my all-time favorite hardtail. That red and white maple leaf fade paint job was easily my favorite. And they put the right fork on it right from the factory. Maybe that's why I like Rocky so much.

Thin Air - I always thought that if you had an old bike lying around, that it would make a good single-speed project. If it's old, and the parts are kinda weak, it doesn't matter because you're taking most of them off anyway. It would never occur to me to make a single-speed out of a brand new aluminum hardtail. But, as SS's go, this is a pretty nice one.

Thin Air - A 1999 Thin Air. The way a hardtail should be. Except for that fork, and I never liked the '99 graphics much. Otherwise nice tough... [edit] i'm at peace with the '99s now. still their least attractive graphics style, but they're ok.

Thin Air - The 1996 Thin Air was a beauty - no doubt.

Stratos - I would collect old Rocky's if I had any money. But this one (from around 1993) looks a little weird with a suspension fork and a riser bar. Maybe it's just bigger than the average bike - but I think the long stem/riser combo is somewhat unfashionable.

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