Ritchey is of course one of the pioneers of mountain bikes. He's always been steel, always been light. One cool thing about Ritcheys is that they still all get some attention from him. Even the ones made in Japan are finished by the man himself. That's really cool.

Hardtail - This is an old Ritchey. You can tell by the long chainstays with brakes on them, and the incredibly slack angles. It must be one of Tom's original custom frames.

Hardtail - Another old one - this one has the Bull-Moose bars that Ritchey invented and you can find on every crappy department store bike from 1989-1992.

Timber Comp - This might be the oldest bike I have a pic of. From 1986 with a Hite-Rite seatpost adjuster and Power-cam brakes. So old-skool, there was no skool yet.

Lite Beam - Ritchey's attempt at full-suspension. Thank goodnes people realized that full-suspension was not that evil, and gave up on the ridiculous and dangerous Softride system.

P-22 - Ritchey started out at 23 pounds, and slowly pushed the weight of his team race bikes down to 20 pounds. Of course, that's without a suspension fork. This is a nice one with the old Manitou forks that were among the lightest of the time.

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