Rotec started out making DH bikes, and eventually had a complete line of XC, DS and everything. I don't know if they still make XC-type bikes, but they still make Cadillac-like DH frames.

DH - Rotec's DH bike. Looks like an incredibly simple frame. There's some trickery in the suspension pivot, but it's hidden behind the chainring, so let's just pretend it's really cool.

DH - How many DH bikes actually see true DH action? This one has a front derailleur - what's up with that? I seriously doubt you could pass this of as a freeride bike - that Hanebrink fork is DH all the way.

DH - I like the finish on those White Brothers forks. Metallic colors always look cool on mountain bikes.

DS - Rotec has made a name for themselves making some really extreme DH bikes. This particular bike is intended for dual slaloms. Why they would copy GT's triple triangle thing is beyond me.

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